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UV Stabilizer 944

Brand : Linking chemical

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 15-20days

Supply capacity : 2000 tons a year

UV stabilizer 944 is hindered amine light stabilizing agent of polymerization type with macromolecular weight, which can be applied to PP, PE, EVA etc. When used in crosslinking polyethylene, UV stabilizer 944 can manifest better effects. UV stabilizer 944 can also be applicable to PPE, polyacetals, polyamnamees, polyurethanes, soft and hard PVC and PVC polymer blend etc. UV stabilizer 944 also has good effects on styrene, rubber and adhesive substances. Particularly applicable to thin membrane and fibers. It is one kind of high molecular Light stabilizer , with multiple functional groups. UV stabilizer 944 can be used in low density PE film, PP tape, EVA film, ABS, PP fiber, PPE, polyacetals, polyamides, polyurethanes, PVC, PVC blending material, polystyrene , rubber and viscose, UV stabilizer 944 can work with UV adsorbent because its special structutre and large molecular weight( 3000,). It also can be used in film and fiber. also can be used as antioxidant and heat stabilizer of polymer, The dosage of agricultural film is 2‰

UV stabilizer 944 is a low-dust, polymeric hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) which provides superb light stability to many polymers and, in addition, gives long-term heat stability to polymers by a radical trapping mechanism similar to the way of hinder phenol. This products effectiveness combined with its low volatility and low extractability makes it the most widely used HALS commercially available.



Chemical name: UV stabilizer 944

CAS NO: 70624-18-9

Molecular formula: [C35H64N8]n (n=4-5)

Chemical structure:



Appearance: white powder or granule 
Light transmittance: ≥93 %(425nm)
                                    ≥95 %(450nm)
Volatile matter :        ≤1.0%
Ash:                             ≤0.1%
Molecular weight(Mn ): 2100-3000

Softening point : 110°C -130°C
Bulk density:   548-646 ( g/L )
Relative density: 1.01(20°C)
Weight loss temp. : > 270°C

Solubility: .Soluble in organic solvents, slight in methanol, insoluble in water


25kgs cardboard /drum (inner with plastic bag) or according to customers’request.




12MT in 20GP container

Lead Time : Within 20 days after confirmed the order


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